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About us

The owners and the staff at Care Compassion and Conversation Ltd all come from a broad range of caring backgrounds; these were predominantly with people who had profound disabilities and a wide range of complex health needs. All the staff are highly qualified and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We aim to give each client a small team of staff thus avoiding a constant stream of strangers coming through their home. This helps to create a positive working relationship which is built on good communication and trust; it's important that our staff and clients really get to know each other as this then leads on to excellent consistency of care.

As owners of the company, we also work with many of the clients. We carry out all the initial meetings and assessments so we are very clear regarding the requirements for each new person.

This also allows us to match our staff to the clients; we understand how hard it can be to have to accept help into your home which is why it's so important for you to have the right staff.

Our staff are not only there to help you with the everyday tasks, they will also see if there are any problems which can be resolved to make your life easier.

All staff use reflective practice - this means they think about what needs to be done and then think how it could be improved or maintained to help you live as happy and comfortable a life as possible.

Ultimately, we all share a common bond in our desire to offer the very best individualised care to our clients.

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T: 01608 656188